Losing the Perfect Dress and Another Perfect Dress:

A few years ago I purchased "The Perfect Dress" from Kmart for $3.00 (which is why I insist on continuing to browse their sales racks in hopes of finding that other Perfect clothing item). The Perfect Dress was a basic shift dress of perfect proportions to my body, showing enough leg but not allowing my butt to peek out when bending over for communion at church (you know what I'm talking about). The Dress was khaki with large, abstract black flowers printed across the fabric. Little cap sleeves kept me cool in the summer and tucked nicely into cardigans so as not to produce shoulder or arm bulges (again, you know what I'm talking about). Seriously, this was The Perfect Dress. The color made it easy to wear year round; add black strappy sandals for summer and a black cardigan with tights for winter. So, so perfect.

Then the unthinkable happened....

Months ago I was packing to attend my niece's baptism and struggled with my attire for the big day. I pulled together a fun dress combination, but hesitated on my way out the door that I may change my mind on agreeing with my husband that the outfit looked "good". So I plucked The Perfect Dress from my closet and packed it in my suitcase for backup. When checking into our hotel I made sure to hang up all my clothes (I have been learning from my hubby to unpack clothes when checking into hotels- this is new to me. Perhaps too many years of living out of makeshift wood trunks while working summers at a kids camp). The morning of the baptism I decided to side with my husband and wore my new dress combination. I really did like it.

A few days later when at home I finally got around to unpacking my suitcase when I realized that I had left The Perfect Dress hanging in the closet at the hotel. I immediately called the hotel and described The Dress to a "T" to be sure they knew what to look for. They searched through their lost and found reports but did not have The Dress. I like to think that a maid was smart enough to realize it was The Perfect Dress and snagged it while she had the chance.

A few weeks later I was introduced to Shabby Apple and found Another Perfect Dress. This time The Dress had some color to it and a little more length. 

 The next day I received a daily Groupon email that was offering a discount on Shabby Apple gift cards. Of course I took this as a sign and purchased a gift card in hopes to purchase Another Perfect Dress. The Groupon deal had such a huge response they asked buyers to wait until the following Monday to use the gift cards. On Monday I went to make my purchase only to find out that Another Perfect Dress was not available in what I had calculated to be my size. I stressed and then opted to try the next size smaller. Of course when it arrived in the mail I swooned over the dress, anxious to put it on. Hubby and I agreed that I fit in the dress but we disagreed that the dress fit appropriately. I didn't like the fabric pulling around my thighs. Sadly I returned the dress and was told they would refund my $$ and let me know if they received my size in stock. I waited and waited and waited for Another Perfect Dress. Sadly, I have now given up hope.

But.... I still have a gift card to Shabby Apple that will soon expire. So I am browsing dresses to fill the current void for The Perfect Dress. This is a dress design I am liking:

What do you think? Do any of you have a Perfect Dress?

Update: As perfect as the original Perfect Dress was, I have been unable to locate any photos of it.

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