Dress Update

I am so, so very dissappointed in Shabby Apple. Although I purchased a $100 Groupon I now only have an $80 store gift certificate because I purchased Another Perfect Dress and then returned it. So now I have to pay any extra for any dress more than $80. It's like losing $20 because the store doesn't have Another Perfect Dress in my size....still. Can you tell that I am not thrilled?

You can assume that this will be the last time I make a purchase from Shabby Apple. I hate feeling like I have been cheated and I hate disliking stores because I have harbored feelings from events like this.

Update: There was some confusion with using the gift certificate so customer service was nice enough to let me use their free shipping code for the holidays along with my gift certificate code. I appreciated it, but I'm still somewhat disappointed from my initial situation. Being in customer services sucks, I know. I have been there before.

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