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I finally dragged myself to the camera shop to physically look at cameras (my computer screen was becoming sticky with drool residue from "window shopping" online)

The first shop we went to had the most intellectual older man helping me. We clicked and talked about many features and many cameras. We agreed that I would be best with a Canon T1i. I convinced myself that I would buy the camera right then rather than wait many more weeks just to convince myself to go back to the store. Sadly, this store was sold out and would not get a shipment in until later. I put my name on the waiting list and requested information on their photography classes, but remembered that there was another camera shop down the street.

This second shop was newer and hipper. They had younger employees and fancy displays. This store was up to speed on new technologies. The man guy that helped me at this store was also knowledgeable but he didn't convince me that he loved photography- like he lived for photography. Luckily I had already hashed through all my questions and concerns with my favorite sales guy at the previous shop, so I rushed the guy along and purchased the Canon T1i from him. As soon as I handed my money over, I felt so guilty. I felt guilt for buying my camera from a store I didn't like as much. I felt like I had become friends with the older man at the first store. Was I stabbing him in the back by purchasing my camera from a competitor? Yes, I felt guilty. So guilty that I walked back into the first shop to let my new friend know what I had done. Luckily, he understood and it was agreed upon that we could still be friends :)

So now I have a new camera baby and a new, skilled photography friend!

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