New Chalk Fascination: Wedgwood Basalt

I have a few new items to show you that I picked up over the Christmas break but they will all just have to wait until next week because this afternoon I found something that fascinates me!

The hubby took me to a nearby antiques store today (this was in return for letting him buy some accessories and a new game for his PS3). I felt I needed to explain.

Anyhoo, he took me to the antiques store to let me look around. I saw many, many things I wanted to get my hands on (it made me dream of opening my own little vintage Etsy shop) so perhaps you may see some more of these fancy finds later. :)

Something that really caught my attention though was a small black bowl I spotted buried in a shelf of glass dishes. The inside of the bowl was a shiny, smooth black surface and the outside was a raw, chalky looking surface. Underneath this bowl was a stack of matching plates and bowls. I picked up the plates and asked the woman at the sales counter if she knew what the dishes were made of. They were stamped on the back as "Wedgwood." This amazing woman was able to track down some vintage chalk to let me test the surface area. I was so excited to see the chalk glide onto the front of the plate.

The bowls are similar to this. via here

Cheesy me with my chalked up Wedgwood Basalt plate.

I got home to do my research on these dishes and I found out that they are Wedgwood Basalt dishes (read more about Wedgwood Basalt here). I have so many ideas in my head of how to use these dishes!

via here

via here
 via here 
via here

I will post more photos later but I have been having issues getting photos off my new camera so you'll have to anxiously wait :)

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