New Year's Eve Inspiration: Food and Drinks

I have been wanting to get my hands on some of these edible gold star sprinkles to put in champagne flutes for the big countdown.

Similar to this:

via here

I have also been meaning to buy some gold cupcake liners (mostly for the Saints games, but they would come in handy for the New Year). 

Check out this beautiful cupcake display from Martha Stewart:

Of course it seems like a must to offer out sparklers to guests if hosting a New Year's Eve party.

Displaying them like this makes for beautiful presentation plus less hassle for the host.

As for actual food on New Year's Eve, my family tradition is to eat sauerkraut for good luck in the new year, so I plan to keep this up.

FYI: It was very difficult to find an appetizing image of sauerkraut. This all led me to find some awesome recipes for making your own sauerkraut- see here and here. (Of course I will have to plan ahead for next year because it takes some time to ferment.)

I heard recently that a Dutch tradition is to eat apple beignets- I could like this tradition...

Recipe here.

Some other recipes I hope to try out:

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