Post Birthday Party Sweetness

I realized that I still have to catch you up on all my birthday sweetness!

First off, I was invited to go to the Seattle Seahawks v. New Orleans Saints game on my birthday, which happens to be my old home team (living in Idaho you have to find the closest NFL team to cheer for and the Denver Broncos weren't my thing) and my new home team (you can't not be a Saints fan when you live in New Orleans).
I would share photos from the awesome event (we went to Champions Square and had tickets into Club XLIV) but my camera decided to die on my during the first photo I took. So unreliable.

As you know, I hosted a joint birthday party with a friend of mine a week before my birthday. This is all the evidence I have of the night's events:

Playing Phase 10

The day before my birthday the hubby took me to the movies and let me shop for clothes with a birthday coupon. He surprised me with two birthday cupcakes from Haydel's and later gave in to my requests to "stealing" lemons from a neighbor's lemon tree/bush (the house has been for sale for over a year and we only took 8 lemons from the over 30 that were on the tree/bush thing). And no, we didn't dress in black.

I also received these fabulous earrings from my mother! I am so proud that she not only reads my blog when she can (you may remember I posted about these earrings here), but that she was able to maneuver around to figuring out how to order these babies online! It makes them even better ;)

Of course, this was my present from the hubby:

We christened the table with our Thanksgiving meal.

I guess you could say that I dragged out my birthday as long as possible. :)

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