30 for 30: The Spread

I am officially announcing my wardrobe picks for the upcoming 30 for 30 remix (starting tomorrow)!
I'm really nervous about my capabilities to mix-match items. But I plan to do my best, which is the reason why I chose to participate in this challenge- working with what I've got.
And this is what I'm going to be working with:

Check back in tomorrow for my first 30 for 30 outfit post!

Update: My math genius hubby informed me that I had sneaked in an extra item because my total was 31! I promise I never planned on cheating. Thus, I have removed and extra pair of jeans from my spread. 

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February 1, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Thanks for the comment on my 30 for 30 post! Your pieces look great -- love the way you've photographed them!

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