Boot Detailing: Red Zippers

I fell in love with a pair of boots.

I saw these boots on Syd and noticed the fun red zipper detailing- from there I was hooked (as you can imagine, with my unfaltering love with the color red). 

 all imgs above from here

Cute, right?

So I began to search around for a pair of my own. I was amazed to see the plethora of boots available that have red zippers accenting them.

 I even stumbled upon Miss Ramsey, another blogger who sports them.

img via here

Here are just a few that I came across:


SM New York Women's Rodeo - Cognac

 Shoebox Motorcycle Zipper Boot


Mossimo Supply Co. Kaden Tall Buckle Boots

 Luckily, I found a great deal on a pair of these at a shoe shop near my gym. I was able to place an order for the boots in my size and will have them delivered hopefully next week. Oh, the anxiety!!!

Update: I get numerous emails asking me about these boots still, so I wanted to add some updated links to similar red-zippered boots. I'll continue adding links as I find them. Let me know if you've located similar boots and I'll add the link for other readers. Thanks!

2 Response to Boot Detailing: Red Zippers

January 16, 2011 at 11:38 PM

I've had the same obsession! My hubby bought me the black ones with a blue zipper from Steve Madden... Now I'm on the hunt for a brown/red pair!

February 8, 2011 at 9:33 AM

The crazy thing is that the boots like this that I've seen (on DSW's website) all have negative reviews from people like, "Well, I like them, but there's this BIG RED STRIPE down the back . . . weird."
Um, hello? Did you not realize that's the point? Also, way to pull these neat boots all together, you!

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