Traveling: The Pains and The Laughs

Our skiing trip was delayed by an entire day after flight issues after flight issues. We patiently waited in airport after airport in hopes to get to ski the next day.

 Finally in flight.

 The bridge Hubby crosses everyday for work.

More waiting...
We were redirected on a flight in to Los Angeles and when we landed we were informed that we would miss our final flight to Jackson Hole no matter what. We had to reschedule our flight for the next day and stayed in L.A. on the airliner's dime (which isn't much, in case you've ever wondered like I did). The hotel we were booked at had a sci-fi convention going on which made the entire trip even more memorable ;)

 Biggest Guinness ever?

Much bigger than mine (I got the girly sized glass).

While staying the night in L.A., we took the opportunity to visit one of my bestest friends.

 We had some amazing margaritas and some good laughs!

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