Continuing Adventures: Skiing in February

I am finally getting around to posting more photos from our ski trip to Wydaho (Wyoming/Idaho).

 We really had some amazing snow to greet us our first day of skiing.

We got a chance to stop by and see my family for a day.
My dad made his famous lasagna (which we ate and ate)!

My sister's dog, Max, showed off his pulling skills.
Ashton has a dog sled race every year, but we missed seeing it by just a few days.

 My mom stuck a lizard into the photo...sneaky, sneaky.

 Playing card games.

 Stuck outside...

 And wrangling up our friend Jon for a good sniff-down.

FYI: When visiting Jackson Hole, it is expected that you take your photo by one of the antler arches.

 I swear this guy kept following me around everywhere ;)

We also got to meet up with my awesome cousin, Kate, and her Hubby.
Too cute, right?
 You may remember her wedding.
Her in-laws came skiing with us at Grand Targhee for our last day. Then we went to watch some hockey in Jackson Hole.
 The view from the back of the ski cabin.

The snow was A-mazing but we were happy to return home to a warm New Orleans.

I just can't get enough of this guy.

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