Day 21: Experimentations Lead to Soccer Legs and Grandma Looks

This title says everything about how I feel this outfit turned out. Perhaps I should stop experimenting?

This top tucked in makes me feel a little too maw-maw up top (which in the South means grandma). Then I though the boots would be, "Just a touch of awesome." But instead I put an amazing emphasis on little miss soccer legs! 

Side story: I once was asked by a male attorney if I ever played sports growing up. I responded "yes" and then he proceeded to tell me that he could tell I had amazingly strong runner's legs. I wasn't sure how to take this - but at the time I was creeped out by all male attorneys because I felt like they were always slyly trying to hit on me.  
So here are my runner's legs in full glory for you. :)
 And here's my maw-maw top.

Shirt: Kmart (similar here and here)
Over-sized Pearl Earrings: Gifted (similar here and here)
Belt: Target (similar here)
Skirt: Thirfted (similar here, here and here)
Boots: Frye booties (similar here)

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