Mighty Mags: Favorite Inspirations

I am loving all of the online magazines that have been popping up. I get just as excited to see the next issue of my favorite online mags as I do waiting to receive issues of my print mags in the mail. I also like that I can quickly "clip out" all my favorite inspirations from the online mags and have them stored on my computer (less paper clippings stored= happy husband).

So, I thought I would share my favorite inspiring images from the recent issues I read through.

 I like the framed fabric headboard.

 Fabric covered walls??? Ingenious!

 I am in love with black window trim/framing.

 Click on this image to enlarge and then check out how awesome this doubled-up headboard is. 
I think this one is getting starred for my headboard diy inspirations.

 A beautiful way to highlight a wall of storage.

And then I was craving the idea of having sour candy displayed all over my house in little bowls - so I could snack on them all day! (I am eating birthday cake for lunch...shame on me.)

 I love the contrast of the wooden pillars and the white walls.

 I am a sucker for white kitchens with windowed cabinets and dark countertops.

 I love the color of this wall. A perfect blue-gray.

Another ingenious idea to highlight photos on your wall. It appears that these drawn frames are on panels - a bright idea for renters.

What are your favorite online magazines? Or what are some online resources you use to inspire you?

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