Wedding Dress Replay:

This afternoon I came across some beautiful wedding photos (thanks to A life worth living) and had to take a second look at the bride's dress.

(see more photos here)

 It looked identical to my wedding dress! 

Me and my Daddy.

 After creepily scoping out all the wedding photos, I found the dress was somewhat different (buttons down the back) but the front resembled the intricate lace of the dress I wore for our wedding almost three years ago.

And then I realized I have never shared with you the awesomeness of my wedding dress....

We had just moved to New Orleans, with plans to be married in Idaho still, so we were painfully making wedding plans long distance. I still hadn't gone dress shopping so my sister flew down from St. Louis and we peaked into several dress shops in the city. It was becoming a difficult task to find a dress that matched my taste. Along with Mardi Gras in New Orleans, there are balls hosted by each parade krewe and dress shops everywhere are filled with fancy ballgowns for the occasions. I was particular that I did not want beadwork on my dress, nor did I want a crisp white dress. I wanted something classic and full of texture. Most of the dress shops we visited were full with Mardi Gras gowns that included beadwork, netting, etc. We finally popped in to Town & Country to try on a Vera Wang wedding dress (Hubby has a thing for Vera Wang designs). It was gorgeous, but not the style of dress that fit our casual outdoor wedding. The sales associate brought in a few more dresses for me to try on and I slipped in to a beautiful, strapless ivory lace dress. It was perfect (a little too long, but perfect). We talked about tailoring and then pricing. I went home with this dress (Melissa Sweet Hallie Wedding Dress) stuck in my head. 

My sister agreed that this was the dress, but we were cutting back on our wedding budget now that we were paying extra to fly back home for our wedding so I was disappointed to know that it was out of our price range. On a whim, I started looking at dresses on Ebay and my sister came across....the exact same dress. The seller claimed she had purchased two wedding dresses and decided on the other to wear to her wedding. She already had the lace dress tailored to her 5'6" frame so she was worried she wouldn't be able to sell it. It was listed for $600. I am 5'6". It was one of those moments where heaven broke open and God gave me a wink. I won the auction and found that the dress was tailored perfectly to wear with my short heels. I am still so impressed with myself....and the dress.

Hubba...hubba. :)

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