Easter Weekend: Strawberry Cake and a Silk Dress

I hope you all had a Happy Easter weekend!

 Dress: Kmart
Shoes: Naturalizer

I've had this dress in my closet for....a few years. But I always seem to uncover it during colder months when I want to wear tights. Silk + tights do not mix unless your Mrs. Static Cling. So I was warry of sporting this dress to church on Easter Sunday, but surprise, surprise, this dress loves humidity! As soon as I stepped outside the silk let go of all its static charge and hung just right! Yay! This has dress has become an official summer dress!

Now on to the cake. 

This cake is made from scratch - 100%! 
Look at me, Susie-homemaker!

Let's just say there was hair being pulled and tears cried over this cake, but thankfully I have an amazing Hubby who reminded me that the frosting didn't need to look perfect because we were covering it up with white chocolate chips anyway....duh!

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