Entrance Welcome: Front Porch Plans

Remember my original plan to paint our front door red? Well, after numerous online searches and driving around our neighborhood, I decided I wanted to find a unique color that would compliment the colors already on the house. 

I pulled some swatches from the paint isle that match the colors already used around the exterior of our house - a blue/gray from the painted steps, a white and a dark, dark green that covers all the trim on our house. Then I started pulling swatches that seemed to compliment the gray, white and dark green. Of course I started with red and then I though red could be better as a highlight color instead. So I kept looking until I came across this yellow from Martha Stewart's paint line:

Pencil Yellow :)

First up, we will either have to replace the old screened door or take it down all together.

Some other quick updates to the front door could be swapping out our traditional gold house numbers and moving them to the middle of the door. I'd like to add a kick-plate to the bottom of all the outside doors on the house. Kick-plates for doors are like frames for photos.

 via here
(though I'd probably buy a cheap gold one and paint it to match our lighting and mailbox)

I want to get a fun door knocker for the front door.

We already own a bench similar to this (thanks to my mom & dad) and I currently have some blue/white patterned pillows on it.

I'd like to swap out those pillows with some colors more complimentary to the house. 

Almost all of steps to our house (including our front porch) are painted in this grayish-blue. I think this pillow would tie in nicely.

And as much as I love a red door, I'd like to keep my reds outside toned down to just accessories. I think this pillow would add a nice pop of color.

I'd also like to add some larger planters up front (near Mr. Foxtail).

This one is definitely not as big as I am looking for, but I like it...because it's red.

I also like the idea of dropping in some plain white planters. I have been long in debate with myself on spray painting all of my current planters white to create a unified grouping of them.

 Crate&Barrel: Large White Planter ($18.95)

And lastly, a nice brown door mat needs to replace our matted old woven mat. It should look nice, but more importantly it needs to get dirt off our shoes before we enter the house (I like to take my shoes off inside, but Hubby wears his around most everywhere). I spotted this door mat at Home Depot and I think it will be perfect.

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