First Big Buy: Siesta Chairs

I was sitting in our house last night, thinking about the things we have accumulated over the years. Knick-knacks from our travels, books from our jobs/educational backgrounds and furniture that has been hauled from place to place. 

Our favorite furniture is a purchase we made when we first moved in together and realized we had nothing to sit on in our little apartment, well except for the old, tattered banana chair Hubby had kept from college (please tell me you know what a banana chair is). 

We had just graduated from college and were starting our first "real" jobs and neither of us had received our first paychecks. But either way, when we walked by a furniture consignment shop one day (Renewal) on our way back home from the weekly farmer's market, we decided to go in and have a look. There was a great furniture arrangement set up for the front window display and we instantly fell in love with a pair of siesta chairs they had included in the arrangement. These chairs were awesome....leather, wood, a touch of masculinity. We were smitten. But the price tags had us fooled that we could buy both chairs for the price listed. We soon found out that these fancy, Norwegian chairs were price listed as per chair! 
(I can't tell you the final price because my eyes still get large and my jaw drops.) 
But by this time, Hubby had found the matching ottomans that came with the chairs and had settled into the leather headrest, basking in the sunlight coming in through the front window. We had to have these chairs! We made some long debated calculations and realized that we had just enough money to place a hold on the chairs so no one else could snatch them from us. When I received my very first paycheck weeks later, we rushed to the store and paid for the chairs in entire paycheck. We brought the beauties home, placing them in front of our old tv monitor in our barren living room. 
We were in love...
These chairs rock. 

So of course they also made a journey across the U.S. with us just months later when we found out we were moving to Louisiana. They have been through a lot, but we still love them!

What was your first big furniture purchase? 
Have you ever had regret after buying a piece of furniture?

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