More Adoring: Adore Home Magazine

I stumbled upon yet another online magazine and had to "dog-ear" some inspirational images. Adore Home Magazine seems to be Australian based, but inspiration is inspiration people. So this is what I am loving from their most recent issue:

 I love built-in storage closets.

 This reminded me that I need to start adding to my globe/trophy collection.

 Fresh and beachy. Plus, I like the way these white curtains start at the ceiling.

 Numbered clipboards. They look awesome, but I am struggling to figure out their practicality in our office.

 I have always loved Viv's bedroom. Check out her blog here.

 I can't say no to red and blues.

 I am thinking of trying my hand at recreating this moody painting in the background.

 Words on steps. I can't wait to have stairs to paint!

 And now I know I want to buy some large letterpress stamps to paint and display.

And something about this room just makes me drool. It could be the large windows and foliage. Or perhaps the striped ceiling. Or the small side tables that can be moved about. But it could also be the wall of wines and liquors. :)

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