Revealed: 2011 Planner

I admit that my planner arrived about a month ago. 
Please don't shoot me for waiting so long to share it with you.

I have a habit of "screen" shopping on foreign Ebay stores. A few years back I came across some amazing Korean stores that sell fun stickers, tape and paper goods (including some awesome planners). I jotted down a mental note that I would be sure to buy one of these planners at the start of the new year. So, although it was long after the New Year that I purchased this sweet planner, I am SO glad I did. It is unlike any planner I've had before and I love it's flexibility for scheduling my weekly events. I am also fond of the graph paper...must be something to do with being married to a ChemE.

So, here she is in all her glory:

 In German, this means "The Pocket Monthly Magazine."

 Monthly calendars

 I love this format for daily planning throughout the week. I have a habit of sometimes overloading my weekends with events and other times not scheduling anything. This format allows me to skip any dates that I don't have a need to schedule.

The planner has a wonderful plastic liner over the original yellow binding.
I love the peak of dark teal on the underside of the cover!

What do you use to keep your daily events sorted?

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