Cinco de Mayo Inspirations: A Backyard Party

Somehow Cinco de Mayo has snuck up on us this year and we are unprepared to host a party today!

I LOVE Cinco de Mayo, so I am scheming at ways I can celebrate the past-holiday this weekend. 
I am dreaming of a backyard party (because I have been dreaming of my backyard for...has it been weeks or months now?)

My backyard Cinco de Mayo party inspirations:
Adorable invitations (including an adorable donkey in the background).

 Checklist: bandanas, colorful pom-poms and sombreros. Awesome!

Colorful streamers are a must - and these look easy-peesy.

 Although I could see myself reusing these streamers for other celebrations.

 Mini pinatas to give out to guests??

 Or some plant favors? So cute.

An easy and colorful treat would be to buy Jarritos.

 I love that these tacos are wrapped up with string for a quick grab.

 Corona popsicles!! (I think I need to whip out my Zoku!)

 Though I think Hubby would be a bigger fan of these Jalapeno Margaritas

And of course some dessert: Sopapilla Cheesecake

Of course, I would invite you all if I hadn't waited until the last minute :)

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