The Great White Shorts: Bring it on Summer

Way back when (aka last summer), I was on the hunt for some great white shorts.
(Shorts, not sharks.)
You see I had purchased two tunic length dresses while in Malaysia the year before and Hubby was hounding me for not wearing them.
And the reason I did not wear these amazing mini-dresses???
....well because they are mini dresses, and while I am short, I am not that short.
If you must know, I was raised in a very religious community and cold weather so it has been difficult for me to climb out of my comfort zone of long dresses, skirts and shorts. As I have become older and lived in the South longer, I have found ways to bring my comfort zone closer and closer to humidity comfort.

Thus, the shopping excursion for some great white shorts that I could wear under my un-worn mini dresses as a cover up for not wanting any Britney Spears peep-shows going on down there.

via here

Do you know how difficult it is to find white shorts? Let alone some great white shorts? I was breaking down after a few days. I was even willing to try some capri white leggings (which if you have not tried these on and you'd like to have a better look at your future cottage cheese thighs, you are missing out). 
My distressed shopping lead me to Francesca's where I found an amazing pair of white linen shorts with a stretchy band waist. ¡Perfecto!

These have now become my go-to summer shorts.

 Embroidered Top: Macy's (similar here)
Linen Shorts: Francesca's
Sandals: Naturalizer Tipton (available here)
Woven Bag: Thrifted

Some linen shorts I tracked down:

Neimen Marcus: Juicy Couture Cuffed Linen Shorts $79.00

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