Thirsty Thursday: Orange Julius

Hubby and I have been on a breakfast smoothie kick for a few weeks now, since we've become fascinated by the smoothies at our gym. Hubby likes the peanut butter/banana smoothie, but I have something against slurping up peanut butter through a straw. So I have been experimenting with frozen fruits and even flavored coffee creamers (most recently a chai flavor, which seems to be fantastic when paired up with frozen strawberries).

When my frozen fruit supply disappeared, I was left with some bananas and oranges in the fridge one morning so I decided to try my hand at blending up my own version of an Orange Julius (a childhood favorite). This is my recipe version:

I bought a large bag of mandarin oranges at the grocery store last week, so I've been cutting off the skin and tossing the entire oranges in the blender for my OJ. I use one package of Carnation Instant Breakfast - vanilla flavored to add some sweetness, but I also like to add some agave syrup to pump it up just a bit more (I like sweets).

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