Art: Enjoying the Ogden Museum

Preservation Hall is celebrating it's 50th year. They had a great exhibit up at the Ogden Museum. Ipods were set up all around the room to listen to music. I caught Hubby jamming out :)

This is an invitation from President Reagan to a Congressional American Jazz Picnic on the White House lawn. The entertainment was of course the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

 Some other favorite pieces in the museum.

 Including the Universal Mule. We thought of other clever names for this piece...I think you can guess.

 I spotted these painted spikes on our way down the stairs and I later spotted more in the window at the Renaissance New Orleans Arts Hotel. I wouldn't mind having a few of these spikes (on a smaller scale) in my living room.

 Our favorite spot (and the main reason why we are actually museum members) is on the 5th floor rooftop that looks out over the Mississippi River and the St. Charles Streetcar line.

 Our favorite exhibit by far was One World, Two Artists.

  We fell in love with John Alexander's paintings.

 Now we're on the search to get our own John Alexander piece of art.

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