Belated Thirsty Thursday: Days Off & Drambuie

I received yesterday off, unexpectedly, so I slothed about the house and did nothing with my day while the locks on our house were changed out and the termite crew came out and drenched our yard in chemicals. This is my no-excuse reason for not posting yesterday. 

A few weekends ago we went to Greek Fest with a close friend of ours and later went to his house for cocktails. Our friend is a scotch drinker though I am not. However, when he brought out a bottle of Drambuie to his backyard, I was intrigued to at least try a sip of this scotch blended with herbs, spices & heather honey. How could I not love it? I felt like "one of the boys" sipping on my scotch on the rocks. Little did these boys know, I was already thinking of what concoctions I could make from this smooth drink! :) After a quick search for their website, I found a drink recipe I plan on trying out this weekend to test Drambuie out a second time.

(click here for full recipe and more)

1.5 parts Drambuie
3 parts cloudy Apple juice
Soda water

Pour 1.5 parts Drambuie
and 3 parts cloudy apple
juice over ice, top up with
soda and add a squeeze
of lime. Garnish with
apple slices.
For an alternative, add
1 part Drambuie and
2 parts apple juice with a
float of Chardonnay.

Crisp and refreshing sounding, right? So while Hubby is off playing golf, I may be working on a liquor lab in my kitchen :)

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