Thirsty Thursday: Catching Up with a Spritzer

I know, I know. I skipped last week's Thirsty Thursday.

So, I thought I'd share a drink recipe that I think would be perfect for your 4th of July weekend.
My old college roommate got me hooked on wine spritzers so when drinking a glass of wine now I have to remind myself that its not supposed to be fizzy. I do enjoy a good glass of wine, but I have an addiction to all things carbonated and bubbly :)

So today's recipe is for a Strawberry Mint Spritzer from Linda Wagner. See her full recipe here.

A quick rundown:

For an alcoholic version:
• 1 bottle Sake – any kind will do
• 1 bottle Champagne
• fresh strawberries
• lemons
• 3-4 sprigs of mint
• Vanilla Stevia

For non-alcoholic, substitute sparkling mineral water in for the sake and champagne. 
Doesn't this look refreshing and beautiful?

imgs from Linda Wagner

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