Today's Outfit: Peachy Keen

I have been in need of some plain colorful tees so when Hubby and I stopped by our local Tar-jay for some quick items, I took off to browse the clothing department for any stragglers in the summer-time tee section. 
(I was spoiled with a neatly kept Target while growing up so the Target here looks like a nasty mess.)
I pulled three shirts from a shelf and presented them to Hubby. He ex-nayed all but one, which he claimed was a good color for me.

I was convinced he was right when one of his gym-buddies complimented me on the shirt. 
One point for Hubby....

But another point for me, for now having a great colored shirt in my wardrobe ;)

Tee: Target (get it here)
Watch: read about here (similar here)
Pants: Thrifted (similar here)
Purse: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Naturalizer Tipton Sandals (here)

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