Updates and Random Summer Photos

Whew! Vacation Bible School is behind us and the summer of weddings has now begun. 
We're making a special trip back to Idaho for a friend's wedding (Hubby is the best man) and last Friday we went to our first wedding to kick-off the wedding season. 

I forget how much fun weddings can be when you're already married. First off, you have a permanent date to the wedding. Secondly, you've already had your own wedding so you're not taking notes on the ceremony or reception to keep for the future. Instead, I found myself relaxed and taking in the beauty of marriage vows and late night dancing by the water, under the stars. 
I promise I won't become a wedding crasher....besides, I'm already booked for this summer :)

In other news, I'm finally using up an online coupon I purchased to get some professional photos taken of the Hubby and I. We have some nice ones from family photo sessions, but they're a little stiff looking - like an auto-insert for our obituaries. So months ago, I jumped on a quick deal for a photo session. We stayed up late last night coordinating outfits and I've been searching through photos to get a feel for what I like in poses, backgrounds, etc.
Mr. Tito soaking in the sun.

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