Wednesday Night Recap: Pizza and Sweaters

Just to refresh your memory, although we live in the hot, sweaty South, our house is a hockey-loving house. (See here and here)

So this is why my Wednesday night looked like this:

It was the first game for the Stanley Cup Finals!

Some background on these photos:

1) There's something about Totinos pizzas that make me want to eat three entire pizzas all by myself. Hubby mentioned that they tasted like poo, but I don't think that's it...
About a third of my diet in college consisted of these cheap pizzas (another third would be mac n' cheese).
2) For Christmas two years ago Hubby had this custom Maple Leafs sweater made for me (they're called sweaters in hockey, not jerseys). It has my lucky number and last name. After I got it, I started having dreams of re-marketing the NHL and being called "The Mother of Hockey" by all hockey fans. (I've scratched this idea down as a great lifetime goal :)

Oh, and in case any hockey fans out there are wondering....we're cheering for the Canucks.

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