West Elm Catalog Rooms: Recreation Inspiration

 I have been thumbing through issues of West Elm's catalog to find inspiration for room decor that I can recreate or hunt down for a steal of a deal.

 I love the look of this framed blueprint over the bed.

 I'm currently on the search for some magazine bins that aren't made of woven material (hello, cat claws). The one of the bottom of this shelf is my ideal look.

 I love industrial items mixed into rooms, so this little wheeled stool stole my heart!

 These side-by-side desks make me gush with envy, but I also love the little industrial pieces of decor sprinkled throughout.

 This image is inspiring me to redesign the look of our entryway hutches.

 This image has been a favorite of mine! The colors are perfect and I love the black window frames. I also like the little end storage table and round mirror.

 I want to recreate the artwork in this space. And do you recognize the arched lamp? The Brick House has a set of these babies.

And this room has me questioning my dark color schemes as of late...

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