August Wedding: Dress Prowling

So, in August, very good friends of ours will be getting married. Hubby is the best man and has this A-mazing gray suit he'll be wearing. (Is it weird that I like to know what the colors are for weddings so I can try to "blend in" with the wedding party?) He's also been sent his tie, which is this great grid pattern of blues and blacks. 

Here comes my question: What will I wear to the wedding? I admit that I am sort of pathetic when it comes to owning dresses. I own three black dresses for "going out" and the other four dresses I own are casual dresses that I wear to church. Because Hubby's suit is so fancy and shiny, I don't want to be wearing a casual-smasual dress. Uck.

Thus, I am on the prowl for a dress to wear to the wedding.

The specifics of this dress must be:

These are some of the first dresses I've come across:

This is my favorite find. They're sold out online, but appear to still have it in my local store. Downside? Still a little pricey.
 Ann Taylor: Cotton Waterspot Print Sheath ($119.99)

I love this dress too, but I think it might be too much gray when I stand next to Hubby.
 Ann Taylor: Linen Tucked Sheath Dress ($149.99)

This Anthropologie dress is amazing, but I'm bad about thin straps. 
Perhaps a "try on" is necessary.
 Anthropologie: Charcoal Terrace Dress ($79.95)

This is a great evening dress, but may be too much for me to wear often enough.
 The Limited: Ruched Tank Dress ($118)

This dress just looks comfy.

And this dress from Banana Republic looks amazing in detail, but again with the straps...
Banana Republic: Silk Smocked Dress ($120)

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