Fourth of July Weekend Recap: The Dog Days of Summer

Here's a quick recap of our 4th of July weekend:

We were invited to go fishing in the Gulf and stay at a friend's fishing camp. 

I LOVE fishing, so we were sure to squeeze it in :)

 This is how the sun looked when I got up to go fishing.

 We caught red snappers, catfish, trout and mackerel.
Now we have  a freezer FULL of red snapper. YUM!

Then on Monday we headed back to the city to celebrate the 4th with friends at a BBQ.

So you want to know why it's the "dog days" of summer? 

He was smart to lay in front of the fan - its been pretty darn hot here!

We celebrated in style, with a cake made to look like a Pabst Blue Ribbon can (see how hot it was - the frosting is dripping) and of course a few fun fireworks...

 Hope you had a great weekend!

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