Today's Outfit: I'm Back for Wear*it Wednesday

First off, I know you've been missing me. How could you not, right?

I apologize if you've been feeling abandoned. I am back... Er... I have been back, since Monday. But I've been catching up with the whole stocking the fridge, catching up on sleep and getting in some laundry. So now I'm back. :)

And today I am going to share my Wear*it Wednesday outfit. 


These awesome yellow shorts!

I am embarrassed to say that I wore these shorts to an LSU tailgating party a few years back.
Embarrassed- not because I wore these shorts, but because I was at an LSU tailgating party.
I hate that I loved it. But I still refuse to cheer for LSU ;)

Anyhow, I picked these babies up at Kmart years ago. They were hanging on a rack right by the front door. I was in need of shorts (as I just moved to the South from Idaho). So they were purchased and now sit at the bottom of my drawer....that is until I need something yellow to sport to an LSU game or when Wear*it Wednesday is featuring colorful shorts...

So there you have it.

Behold the awesomeness of  yellow shorts!

Chambray Top: Target
Necklace: Local Boutique
White Tank: Target
Shorts: Kmart
Sandals: Naturalizer

See ya tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday!

Update: Later I went home and mowed the lawn in these shorts. Can you tell our grass needed a good haircut? And these shorts needed some more sunshine.

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