Wishing for a Bigger House: Weekend Craigslisting

I am in trouble. I decided to casually browse Craigslist this morning....why?!?

Now I am wishing we had a bigger house so I can buy up people's unwanted furniture and hoard it all for myself. 

These dressers all look like great fixer-uppers:

 Large Wooden Dresser with Two Mirrors - asking $80
This dresser would be awesome with a fun paint color.

 Family Heirloom Chest of Drawers - asking $75
It saddens me to hear of people selling pieces like this that were given to them by generations before.

 Brass Accents Dresser - asking $60
I like that this piece also has a cabinet on the right that has shelves inside. I am dreaming of this being a great tv unit...

 Mid-Century Modern Dresser - can you believe they are only asking $120 for this beauty? They claim to have 12 other dressers like this in their inventory.

 Brass Pulls Dresser - asking $85 (also comes with a small nightstand)

French Provincial Dresser - asking $200 (comes with a smaller dresser in the set)
Hello! This is so classic!
So there you have it. This morning's torture.

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