August Wedding: The "Guest Dress" has been Found!

After several weeks of searching for the perfect wedding guest dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, I finally got my hands on her!

You may have been following my scavenger hunt on Pinterest.

Here's the rundown:
I tried to shop at local boutiques (because I like supporting local businesses) but discovered that the majority of these shops had already cleared out their summer items and were selling fall items. Which means there wasn't much to choose from in the teal department. 

I did a trip to TJMaxx and settled on a nice blue Calvin Klein dress as a back-up, in case the perfect dress could not be found. 

But alas, I broke down and found myself at the mall. Ugh. I despise the mall. I ended up in Dillards because they had an entrance which didn't seem as popular for parking (aka no huffing it to the entrance in 100 degree heat). So into Dillards I went, pulling any and all teal dresses of the racks. I was like a shopping cyclone, I grabbed anything in site. Once I was in the fitting room, I discarded all but three. 
After sending Hubby a few silly cellphone pics from the dressing room, this dress was chosen.

You can see that the dress is $138 at Nordstrom. I snagged it for $88 at Dillards.

Hubby's tie has a great teal pattern that works well with this dress pattern! 

The dress meets all my requirements:
I am so giddy to go to this wedding!

I suppose I should start packing now...

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