Tuesday Obsessions: Pottery Barn Props & Accessories

I love flipping through catalogs for inspiration in decorating and furniture placement. Lately, I have been obsessing over the props used in the Pottery Barn & PBTeen catalogs.

Check out my favorites:

 What's up with all the awesome modern radios?

 I love the rustic look of this board, turned into a hanging hat rack.

 I am obsessing over this lamp. Happy for me it is an accessory for sale.

I also love the worn-in looking bins. I'm adding these to my list of items to scour for while thrifting.

Monogram blocks as bookends.

 And for some reason, I want to find this mini telescope. It's hard to see in the online image, but it looks like you can twist it to line up the month and date to see the star/planet alignment. Anyone know what this is or where I could find one? 

 I always love the way Pottery Barn sets up a gallery wall.

And then there are these bookshelf lamps that appear to just be wedged between books.
Awesome, right?

They also throw in this wall-mounted coat rack.
 I love this idea!

So, do you have any catalogs that inspire you with their props or room layouts?

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