Recap: End of August/Start of September

Have you missed me? Because I have missed blogging. 
Let me fill you in on our activities since we last "chatted":

I started sprucing up our under-sink cabinet in our main bathroom.
(More updates to come.)

In August we gave up the battle trying to squeeze in a mowing for our yard...
After the dress hunt came to an end, we flew to Idaho to celebrate our friends' marriage.

(Setting up decorations the day before.)

 We returned home in time to get "flooded-in" (I compare this to being 'snowed-in') during Tropical Storm Lee.
(The intersection by our house.)

(Late night visitor who braved the storm.)

During the storm, we attended another wedding across the lake. We were looking forward to this wedding as it was being held at a castle. As you can see the storm pushed the wedding indoors.
(view from the car window when we pulled up)

But we found ways to entertain ourselves...

 And then I got some baking in there somewhere....
Pear Tartin - we paired it with ice cream and a movie :)

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