Another Planner: The Yellow Continues

My old planner (read up on it here) has been filling up and I noticed I would be in need of a replacement soon. It's been a great tool to keep me on track, but I realized I could use something slightly larger. I also wanted a layout that would show me my entire week spread out on one page (so I can see my daunting schedule laid out before me). But I loved the features my old planner had, especially the plastic cover that protect it from spills and let me tuck in notes for safe keeping. 
Also, I loved that the cover was yellow. It was easy to find and keep track of.

So, I was on the search and I knew I wanted to go back to Ebay to find my new planner. A quick advanced search for "planners" from South Korea turned out some great finds.

But this was exactly what I was looking for:

 The spiral binding will be great in keeping the pages laying flat, something I hadn't thought I needed.

Amazing storage capabilities for all my loose notes.

And now I'll be able to see the entire week scheduled out.

It's amazing how a planner can make me so excited!

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