New Wall Art: Ask Google

Long story short - we had a friend visit New Orleans several months ago and he reminded hubby that he still owed him some artwork (Hubby bought a piece of art from him when they were still in school. Our friend had the art piece displayed in an art show that later was robbed of all the artwork). So when our friend returned home he mailed us this piece of art. We love it. It is so us. 

But of course it stayed in its shipping tube for months as I sifted through thrift store bins to try and find the right sized frame for it (by the way, thrift store frames are an excellent resource for framing large art). I discovered that this was an odd sized piece of art - 22" x 30"

So we bit the bullet and had the piece custom framed. Hubby got it hung up on the wall a few weeks ago. Have I mentioned that we love it? Because we do. :)

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