Early Birthday: iHave

Handsome Hubby gave me my birthday gift early this year.

He even found my stash of wrapping paper and wrapped it beautifully (so proud)!

I am officially an iphone owner. I've been yacking about getting an iphone for a few years but never did. Hubby really is the best.

Is it ridiculous that after wanting one of these babies for so long, that I still have the thing sitting in the box? I want to get a case for it first because I know once I turn it on I will be hooked and want to take it every where. I know Hubby thinks I'm strange, but he also knows that I still have the packaging plastic stuck to the screen of my old phone and.... I had my ipod for 3 years before Hubby convinced me to rip off the plastic packaging from the screen. A little over protective of my products. :)

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