Thursday Thoughts: Chocolate Hair and Lunch Leftovers

Has anyone else been caught up with the new dry shampoo craze? Is this even a craze, or am I the only one who is thinking about ways to avoid blow drying my hair every morning?
I hope I'm not alone. 

I like to think that I have fine, brown hair so I have suffered through the "grayish" hair look when using cornstarch or baby powder (which FYI is just perfumed cornstarch in a shaker bottle). This trick didn't jive with me so I resorted to buying some over-priced dry shampoo from Sephora last year when I saw that they made a spray for darker hair colors. I wasn't impressed. While it blended in with my hair color very well, it didn't make the greasy roots go away. So I gave up all together. Then, earlier this week a came across a forum where someone posted that they used cocoa powder mixed in with their dry shampoo. Of course I HAD to try it. So far I am impressed. My locks look fresh from the baby powder and every once in awhile I wonder if our office neighbors are baking brownies. This may be my new thing....

And on another thought tangent...

I have been really enjoying dinner leftovers for lunch at work. My boss likes to treat me to lunches frequently but I've gotten burnt out on all the blah salads or greasy extra large lunch platters (I live in the South). So dinner leftovers have been really refreshing. 

Earlier this week it was pork tenderloin with mango couscous. Yum!

Any new changes in your routine lately?

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