Tricking and Treating: Halloween 2011

I hope you had a good Halloween weekend. I thought I'd share some of our weekend activities with you - plus a peek at our costumes.

 On Friday night, we helped out with our church's Trick or Trunk event. I wanted our trunk to be interactive for the kids, so we made them dig for their candy....

 From a pirate's trunk of treasure.

Friday we got hit with a cold front and gusts of wind so I had some difficulty wrapping the car in big sheets of brown paper :)

 Of course the "X" marked the spot.

 Hubby as a pirate.

 And me as a mermaid....a cold mermaid.

 In case you wanted to know how a mermaid walks around in boots. 
Very awkward.

We went to a costume party downtown on Saturday night, but I didn't get any photos of our costumes.
This is the only photo we have from the night.

And yesterday, we were like mean, old people (as I explained to my mom) because we decided to go to the gym after work and then met up with friends for our weekly night out. So we never got a chance to even swing by the house to dump a bowl of candy out on the front step. Mean, I know. :)

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