House Update: Finalizing and Carpet

We're in the final steps of purchasing our home and we're antsy to get moving in.

But before we move all our belongings into this big, empty space I am hoping to have new carpet installed. Now understand that I am a hardwood floor kinda gal, but we're dealing with some uneven flooring issues under the current carpeting and I really don't want to spend a fortune to fix it. Thus, we've been shopping around for some good carpet to install.

 The future nursery. 
(Notice the old, teal carpeting.)

The PINK guestroom! :)

The back hallway from the bedrooms to the kitchen has a little alcove I would love to turn into a reading nook.

The carpet will be installed in the dining/living room, bedroom hallway, master bedroom, nursery, reading nook hallway, guest room and maybe even the den. That's a LOT of carpet for a girl who isn't a fan of carpet. So I've been looking at low piling carpet thats easy maintenance but can withstand heavy traffic (without getting into commercial carpeting). I also don't want different carpet throughout the house. I like the idea of keeping the carpet consistent, so I wanted to choose a color that would coordinate with all these spaces.

So our round up thus far is:

Shaw - Leavitt in Buckskin

As you can see I am drawn towards carpeting that has a similar look to natural rugs, like sisal or jute. I also think a light brown would be a good transitional color for all the spaces. 

I have plans to start putting together some inspiration boards for the nursery, so stay posted!

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