Preparing for the Move: Packing and Purging

So far my morning has been focused on purging...

Two years ago when we moved, I was too embarrassed to let my friends haul the boxes of magazines and catalogs I had collected so I had to sneak them over myself. I decided to start purging my collection because I rarely ever flipped through them more than twice. 

Luckily, I've been really good at marking the pages with images I found inspiring, so purging has been going quickly. I'm so grateful to Pinterest for allowing me to take photos of the inspiration pages and post them to my selected categories. So convenient and a much better way to retrieve those brilliant ideas than to flip through stacks and stacks of magazines!

These are just a few that I'll be holding onto:

A few Lucky and Domino magazines I have saved over the years, some Country Living and Coastal Living magazines I enjoy flipping through regularly, and some DIY magazines like Fresh Home and This Old House.

I've also hung on to a few magazines I picked up from our trip to Malaysia years ago.

I'm already feeling lighter and more organized!

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