Catolog Inspirations: West Elm

I was very inspired by the latest West Elm catalog I received in the mail. Not only were there several items I wanted to buy, but I also started making note of inspiring items I would like to recreate for my home with a little DIY.

 I've been spying several versions of these jute wrapped pendant lights and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect chandelier to try this on. We're in desperate need of replacing our dining room lighting fixture and I think this would be an excellent choice.

 Hubby's "honey-do" list has had an upholstered bed on if for almost a year now and I'm encouraged to see many more DIYers successfully create their own. I loved the image above because I've been skeptical of placing a headboard in front of our bedroom windows, but we lack any other wall space. This image gives me comfort.

 When we do finally get around to building our headboard, I'm leaning towards a rectangular shape with basic brass nailhead trim like the one above.

We were gifted a beautiful decorative sailboat for our wedding but the colors are outdated. I'm inspired to paint the base of our boat white like the one above to give it a new modern look.

I've also spied many DIYers tackle creating their own capiz chandeliers and I'm considering trying it myself so I can hang it in the nursery room.

Lastly, I found myself drooling over this knife block. We have a great set of mix matched knives that we use but not all of them fit in our knife block. This seems like a perfect replacement that could be adaptable to any knives we have. I may be adding this to Hubby's "honey-do" list as well! :)

Do you find inspiration from catalogs? 
What are your favorite catalogs to browse through?

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