Feeling the Sun: Summer Wish List

As requested, this is my current summer wish list:

1. A great color for some summer writing.
 Turquoise LePen from Paper Source ($1.95)
2. This funky colored camera strap may help me locate my camera among the many boxes sprawled across our house.
Ciesta Camera Neck Strap - Sweety Yellow Green from ebay seller LightNSpace Camera ($29.90)
3. I'm loving teal this summer. I love that these sandals include a little brown leather on the heel so I can tie in some leather belts to my looks.
4. I've been eyeing these earrings for a few weeks now. They're going on my Wishing and Wanting list.
5. I love the texture of this bright scarf. 
Solid Distressed Ruffle Scarf from Charlotte Russe ($9.50)
6. Our cat is in need of a new collar and these colors made my summer heart jump!

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