First Renovation Up: The Washroom Closet

We are finally moved in to the new house, but we're definitely still living out of boxes and bags.
Our hope had been to get new flooring down before our furniture was moved in, but this became impossible when our closing date kept getting pushed back.

Our first day moving in, we decided to disconnect the old gas dryer so we could get an electrician in to wire us up to use our new electric dryer. When we pulled the gas dryer out of the closet we discovered water damage to the closet flooring.

 (Here's the laundry room before we moved in.)

And so started the first house renovation....washroom closet upgrade.

Hubby ripped up all the old peel and stick tile that had become brittle and we ripped out all the old shelving from the walls. We have plans to install new flooring, paint the walls and create a new shelving system that will allow me to do many loads of laundry (particularly cloth diapers).

These were some inspiration laundry rooms we've been going back to as we design our layout.

I would like to have a countertop like this one, across the top of the washer/dryer to have a spot to fold and sort clothes.

I loved the open shelving in this laundry space.

We both liked the look of this laundry room, but decided against adding drawers to our closet space. I do like the lighting and may still try to incorporate something similar.

This space gave me the idea to split the shelving so we can add a clothes rod for hanging clothes right out of the dryer for less wrinkles.

I can't wait to have a functioning laundry room! (Plus we're running out of clean clothes with all the dust and paint we've been tossing around daily.)

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