Baby Love: First Glimpse at the Nursery Inspiration

I've finally pulled together my many, many nursery ideas and created two different inspiration boards to share with you. 

My plan is to pick out some basics for the nursery that I know will work into a boy or girl nursery. Then when our baby arrives, I can add some more gender specific elements here and there.

 I love the look of grays and blues for the boy nursery, but I also thought it would be great to add some yellow here and there.

I love the little moon poster and thought it would be great to add a little bit of pink to the girl nursery. I also found the fabric in the upper left that only hints at pink. (Can you tell we're not planning on having a princess-pink room?)

My biggest nursery room dilemma right now is arranging the layout in my mind. We already own the Ikea Gulliver crib and I think Hubby is pushing me to bite the bullet and order a nursery chair soon. 

I could write an entire post about the issues of trying to find a good rocking/glider chair for a nursery! Anything affordable is cheap in quality and anything of standard quality is expensive. Baby furniture is a lucrative business... 

The chair I have shown in the boards above is noted as just a "swivel" chair so I'm apprehensive to purchase the chair and then find out it has no "rock" or "glide." Don't be surprised if the nursery chair gets swapped out in the next inspiration boards.

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