Valances & Carpet: Home Renovation Updates

My blogging absence has been a necessity in order to keep up with regular work and house renovations. We recently went into nursery overhaul after I realized I only have 2 months left of pregnancy!

I finally convinced Hubby to remove the off-centered valances in the nursery room, but with that came some major drywall patching.

We're also scheduled to have new carpet installed in all the bedrooms and the den later today! Hubby spent his day off pulling up carpet and padding to cut installation costs.

 The nursery. (You can see the drywall patching in progress in the background.)

 The hallway between bedrooms.

The guestroom.

We also purchased a dresser last week from Craigslist to use as a changing table in the nursery. Things will be coming together soon. My sister will be flying down later this week to help paint the nursery so we can start moving in furniture and arranging the space.

I am definitely feeling the nesting....

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