Nursery Room Inspiration: Updates

I've updated my inspiration board for the nursery room. I tried to include items we've recently purchased and items that we're looking at adding soon.

I'm waiting for the arrival of this baby before adding more blue (if a boy) or adding some pops of pink (if a girl).

1. I ordered this firefly print from The Old Try. I love that it is a little bit Southern.
2. I'm still looking for a floor lamp that I like. So far this oil-rubbed bronze beauty is my favorite.
3. I'm on the hunt for some kind of ottoman that I can kick my feet up onto while rocking. I like the color and pattern of this gray pouf, but it may end up being too high for our rocker.
4. After months of searching and comparing, we ended up special ordering this rocking chair from Pottery Barn. We love how high the back is and that you can lean your head on the sides to get some shut-eye while rocking.
5. I think this gray polka-dot crib sheet would a fun to add to the nursery room.
6. I love this Mexican Springtime fabric in yellow. I ordered some to create a crib skirt. Can't wait to share!
7. I've had my eye on this yellow ikat pillow for some time now. I should just buy it already!
8. I'm thinking of DIYing some similar picture ledges to hold books on the wall.
9. You may remember that I made a great crib switch and ended up getting this modern white crib for the nursery room.
10. I like the airiness of this side table, but I'm not sure how much space I want to take up with a side table. Still considering alternatives...
11. This little wooden cart is calling out to me. I would love to stash books in it or some essential breastfeeding items alongside the crib.

We've also been working on a mobile to hang above the crib... it's been a work-in-progress for almost 9 months now :)

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