Another Year: My Birthday Wishlist

Next week I turn another year older! In honor of the day, I've decided to post a wishlist of sorts. These are items that have either been on my radar recently or I've had on my yearly "want" list.

1) I think this shirt would put me on "foxy mamma" status :)
2) There's something about thick, chunky scarves like this that make me want to wrap up and drink hot chocolate.
3) I haven't been able to pull the trigger and just buy this radio already. I think it would be best in the kitchen so I can get my groove on while cooking.
4) One day I would like to swap out all our pint glasses for some real Libbey Gibraltar juice glasses.
5) I'm in desperate need of an official camera bag for my DSLR. I love the durability, organized compartments and color of this Canon camera bag.
6) I'm loving these simple earrings by Tinley Road.

Hubby surprised me with a Wii this past weekend! I've had a Wii on my wishlist for over two years now, so I was thrilled to have one. I think he was just as excited because once we put the baby down for bed, we stayed up into the wee hours playing. I love birthday gifts that can be shared like this!

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