Getting a Garden Ready: Origami Seed Pots

I dreamed of having a garden as soon as we purchased this house. Of course you can't just start planing a garden any time of the year, so I've been patiently waiting for "planting season" to come around again so I can get started on my little garden. 

Hubby & I haven't really determined the exacts of the garden location or style, but I realized I could start some of my seeds inside in the meantime to see how this brown thumb works. :)

I've been wanting to make seed pods out of newspaper like I'd been spotting all over Pinterest, but I realized most of the tutorials available use glue or tape to hold the pots together. I finally came across Allyson's tutorial on origami folding pots. Her directions were very easy to follow and I whipped out about 30 pots very quickly.

Once I had my seeds planted, I realized I had no markers to distinguish the pots from one another so I made these quick twig plant markers by following directions here.

Now I'm just waiting....
Please sprout, little seedlings, please.

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